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the role and working principle of automotive relays-买球软件

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this article mainly summarizes the function and working principle of the car relay. in the car, we can see the relay mounting box when opening the engine cover. the relay is different in the car from other environments. the car control relay technology is demanding because it requires adapt to vibration, high temperature, low temperature, humidity and oil, salt, water and other erosive harsh environments, requiring long life, high reliability, small size, low consumption, and electromagnetic compatibility, flame retardancy, fast response and other properties. the following gordon relay xiaobian explains for you one by one.

the role of automotive relays:
the function of the relay is to control the relay coil with a switch, then the working contact of the relay is closed or disconnected, one end of the contact is connected with the current of the main line, and the other end is connected with the electric appliance to be controlled to realize a small current to control a large current, and the switch is prevented from being a large current causes the switch to burn out. protects lines and switches.
the role of car relays in automobiles mainly depends on: car lights, wipers, starters, air conditioners, power seats, electric windows and doors, anti-lock devices, suspension controls, audio, etc. controllable electronic devices must use control relays.
the role of automotive relays in automotive lighting: commonly used automotive lighting control relays, mainly three-legged, four-legged and five-legged control relays. control the headlights, front small lights and instrument lights, turn lights, rear lights, brake lights, reverse lights, fog lights, car lighting and so on. when the combination switch is turned to the headlights on position, the control system of the headlight relay (the field coil part) is energized to generate a magnetic field, and the alloy contacts are immediately closed, and the current of the control system is turned on, thereby controlling the opening of the headlights. when the combination switch is turned to the headlights off position to disconnect the power supply, the magnetic field disappears and the control alloy contacts are immediately separated, the current of the controlled system is cut off, and the headlights are turned off.
the working principle of automotive relays:
the working principle of the automobile relay is that when a certain voltage or current is applied to both ends of the electromagnetic relay coil, the magnetic flux generated by the coil passes through a magnetic circuit composed of a core, a yoke, an armature, and a working air gap of the magnetic circuit, under the action of the magnetic field. the armature attracts the pole face of the iron core, thereby pushing the normally closed contact of the contact to open, and the normally open contact is closed; when the voltage or current across the coil is less than a certain value, when the mechanical reaction force is greater than the electromagnetic suction force, the armature returns to the initial state, the normally open contact opens and the normally closed contact opens.


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automotive relays and fuses have a common feature, both for safety, and the lack of understanding of circuit components, so some people are not very clear about the difference between the two. everyone can distinguish in appearance, and more is not understanding the principle of action. let me talk about the difference between car relays and fuses. an automotive relay is an electrical control device that is an electrical device that causes a predetermined step change in the controlled output quantity in an electrical output circuit when the change in the input amount (excitation amount) reaches a prescribed requirement. it has a control system (also known as an input loop) and a controlled system (also known as an output back)

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