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the difference between solid state relays and mechanical relays-买球软件

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the relay has the distinction of solid state relay and mechanical relay. what is the difference between these two relays? let's take a look at it with xiaobian.
electromagnetic relays and solid-state relays are not afraid of earthquakes; the former are afraid of magnetism and the latter are afraid of induction; one is low and the other is high; one is low and the other is high; the former is easy to replace the latter.
solid state relays and mechanical relays have their own strengths:
1. the mechanical relay has strong overload capability, and the solid state relay does not allow overload.
2. when the mechanical relay is disconnected, it is physically disconnected, and there is no leakage current. the solid state relay is not physically disconnected and there is leakage current.
3, solid state relay has no mechanical components, so the switching speed is fast, the number of switching is almost unlimited.
4. mechanical relays have mechanical components, so the switching speed is slow, the mechanical wear contacts are cauterized, and the number of switching is limited.
5. solid state relays are easily damaged during overload or lightning strikes.
6. mechanical relays have a long service life.
the above six points are the differences between the solid state relay and the mechanical relay. i hope to help everyone.
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