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wiring method and wiring diagram of time relay-买球软件

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the wiring method and wiring diagram of the time relay. the time relay is an older relay. it is called a time relay. as the name implies, it is used to control the time delay. for the question of netizens, i wrote a wiring method for the time relay, and i hope to help you with the wiring diagram.
time relay principle:
air-damped time relays are often used in ac circuits, which use the principle of air throttling through small holes to obtain delayed action. it consists of three parts: the electromagnetic system, the delay mechanism and the contacts.
time relay wiring diagram:


wiring method for time relay:
1. control wiring: consider it as a dc relay to consider;
2, work control: although the control voltage is connected, but whether it plays a control role, determined by the timer on the panel;
3, function understanding: it is a switch, single-pole double-throw, there is an active point movable arm, just like the movable blade arm of the common knife switch;
 4. load wiring: the neutral or negative terminal of the power supply's neutral or negative terminal;
5. working principle: during the period of invalid timing, it is equivalent to the normal state of the light switch. when it is effective, the relay operates and it works with the electric appliance, which is equivalent to the normal light switch.
the wiring method and wiring diagram of the time relay are explained here, we need to know that each brand is different. generally, the power supply is connected to the coil, and the normally open or normally closed contact is connected to the device to be controlled. the time and time relay is a control device that realizes delay control by using electromagnetic principle or mechanical principle. it is available in a variety of types, including air damping, electric and electronic.
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